About Sam

I have worked with Physiotherapy and Pilates since 2008.

About Samantha Lisbôa

I hail from Brazil and had a strong love for movement from an early age.

Initially Ballet and Samba were my passions of choice, but my horizons were widened when studying to be a Physiotherapist.

I have worked with Physiotherapy and Pilates since 2008.


My Philosophy

My philosophy has always been to be preventative and Pilates soon became an invaluable tool.

Pilates is a set of exercises created by the German named Joseph Pilates, in the mid-1920s, known at the time as Contrology, these exercises are performed on the mat or in exclusive Equipment, which aims at the total and complete control and connection between body and mind, returning and restoring the health of individuals in pathological conditions as well as promoting an increase in the quality of life for healthy people.

My classes go from a classical repertoire, using the philosophy of Joseph Pilates to the contemporary using the philosophy of Stott. Adapting the classical repertoire for a better balance, posture, efficient bio-mechanics and strength in the whole body.

In 2020 I decided to go deeper and study more techniques that would go well with my training as a physiotherapist and Pilates instructor, and then I became an LPF (Low Pressure Fitness) trainer – HYPROPRESSIVE TECHNIQUE.

LPF is a neuromyofascial training composed of postural and breathing exercises that do not exert pressure on the pelvic floor and spine during its execution. Currently it is considered one of the most efficient training for CORE since it enhances the activation of the transverse, oblique and pelvic floor muscles.

In addition to that, I bring the Pilates studio into your home.

I have a vast experience working with athletes, pre/post-natal pregnancy, geriatrics and pre/pos-operative patients.


I’ve been Sam’s client for over two years now. She has been knowledgeable and patient in helping me to deal with my long-standing back pain. She always prepares a workout that is fun, yet challenging, and delivers good results. She makes Pilates a pleasure.

Sara Collins

Some of these sessions challenged both me and Sam but Sam always found ways to adapt and to move us forward.
Enough improvement came in the first four months for me to feel able to increase my session to twice a week; this was where the magic began to happen. 

Hazel Willis

Sam is the most brilliant teacher I have ever had. What distinguishes her is her great attention to detail in instructions, and her dedication in pushing you forward so that you improve. I started lessons with her when I was diagnosed with low bone density and have been reassured that the muscles supporting my bones are getting stronger. On top of this she is such great fun and a lovely person. Thanks Sam.

Hala Saleh
Broadcast Journalist BBC

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