I’ve been Sam’s client for over two years now. She has been knowledgeable and patient in helping me to deal with my long-standing back pain. She always prepares a workout that is fun, yet challenging, and delivers good results. She makes Pilates a pleasure.

Sara Collins

Sam is the most brilliant teacher I have ever had. What distinguishes her is her great attention to detail in instructions, and her dedication in pushing you forward so that you improve. I started lessons with her when I was diagnosed with low bone density and have been reassured that the muscles supporting my bones are getting stronger. On top of this she is such great fun and a lovely person. Thanks Sam.

Hala Saleh

I have been working with Sam since April 2018. When I first came to the studio, my movement was severely challenged, my posture poor and I took regular pain medication. I had experienced more and more restricted movement due to osteoarthritis in both of my hips. My shoulders were rounded, my hips badly aligned and almost all movement was severely restricted and painful. Whilst there were severe restrictions, I wanted to improve but the pain posed challenges. Over a number of weekly sessions, Sam found ways to assess what was possible and also had a clear vision of how we might improve mobility. Some of these sessions challenged both me and Sam but Sam always found ways to adapt and to move us forward.
Enough improvement came in the first four months for me to feel able to increase my session to twice a week; this was where the magic began to happen. My shoulders came down, my posture straightened, and the pain reduced significantly to the extent I no long take regular medication. We then reduced the sessions back to weekly and now every two weeks. This has allowed me to restart gym work, classes and even some ballet classes. Sam’s patience, her clear understanding of physiology and her belief in the improvement Pilates can facilitate has been key to these successes.

Hazel Willis

The best Pilates instructor I had the pleasure of being a client. She is concerned with the correct execution of the technique, closely follows each client’s movement and does not let you give up. I started my sessions feeling terrible back pain and in a short time I was able to perform my tasks without pain. Samantha is excellent! I miss my sessions with Sam every day!
I recommend her work with my eyes closed!

Priscila Brancalion

I arrived with a chronic problem and left with a better quality of life, a more resistant body and a wonderful friend. Her professionalism is off the curve. I believe this is due to the love she feels for what she does. I’ve never had such pleasure in performing physical exercises like now. Congratulations on this wonderful job that recovers people physically and mentally too.

Wilians Afonso (Billy Lords)

Sam very kindly agreed to take a biweekly class for our office during lockdown and she was absolutely fantastic. We were a mixed group ranging from quite experienced to complete beginners but she managed to run sessions that appealed to everyone. The set up over video link was very professional and the tuition incredibly clear. It was the perfect way to reconnect with colleagues during lockdown and everyone felt much better for the exercise. We tried a number of activities during lockdown and this was by far and away the group’s favourite. I can’t recommend Sam highly enough – she is a brilliant teacher and we all had a great time. The perfect antidote for a day spent sitting at a desk!

Charlie Campbell ( Blackstone Private Equity)