Do you know what is Endometriosis? Do you know how to release some symptoms?

💛Today’s post, in addition to a lot of information, also brings some of my experience. .💔I was diagnosed with Endometriosis when I was just 18 years old. I tried non-invasive treatments for 5 years. .💛In these 5 years one of the actions that helped me to deal with the symptoms were my pelvic exercises (Physio and Pilates […]

Should I or should not do the Abdominal Vacuum?

Do you have these questions about Abdominal Vacuum??? Feel weird or not right to execute it? .⚠️IMPORTANT: It’s not everyone who can do the Abdominal Vacuum, but it’s doesn’t mean they won’t get results of the LPF HYPOPRESSIVES .☝️Remember I said that abdominal Vacuum is only 20-30% of the method! So don’t despair if you are one […]

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