Exercises in Menopause (Pilates – LPF are excellent for relieving symptoms) :

First we need to recognize some symptoms of menopause:

• Hot flashes that start suddenly and without apparent cause

• Intense night sweats that can interrupt sleep

• Frequent tiredness

• Mood changes such as irritability, anxiety or sadness

• Difficulty sleeping or lower quality of sleep

• Vaginal dryness – Decreased libido

Both Pilates and LPF are low load exercises, that is, sweating is lower when compared to weightlifting or running exercises, for example.

That’s why both techniques are pleasurable for women who suffer from hot flashes that appear suddenly.

In addition to this, the techniques work on improving the muscle tone of the abdomen and pelvic floor. With the stimulation of LPF – Hypopressives in the pelvic floor, it is possible to recover the activity of this area as the control of sphincters, increasing the sensitivity of this musculature, thus improving sexual libido.

Both techniques work with intense breathing exercises, capable of increasing the heart rate and also providing relaxation for the mind and body. They also work with postural re-education, muscle definition, especially in the abdomen region, recovering the practitioner’s self-esteem.

Well-being extends to improved mood, quality of sleep, the feeling of tiredness decreases, all of this as the practice of the methods becomes more frequent in your life.


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